4 Cylinder Block, Piston, Carb, Etc Specs


Date: Tue, 13 May 97 09:29:24 -0600
From: bwiencek@kcnet.com
To: Jonathan Albrecht 
Subject: RE: 1980 20R head on 1986 California 22R (long reply!)

>The attached file didn't come through so well on my end.. If you get the
>chance, to resend it, my setup just needs it to be 'attached' as a file.
>If you can do that..

Uh... OK...it was a UUcode attachment, but I'll attach it as plain text 
to this one...

Here the big file attachment is... it's a compilation of posts from the 
Toyota-mods mailing list...
Blocks: (TopLine Part Numbers in Parens)
(The 20R was first available in 1972 in the Pickup.)

75-80, 20R:  (NA)
	Bore:  88.5mm
	Stroke:  89mm
	Stock Piston:  (NA)

81-82.3, 22R/22REC:  (SBTO80)
	Bore:  92mm
	Stroke:  89mm
	Stock Piston:  (PATO80)
	Notes:  Best Choice for Pistons (dome top).  You can just deck
		the block by 2mm and make this identical to the post-85

82.4-84.7, 22R/22REC:  (SBTO80L)
	Bore:  92mm
	Stroke:  89mm
	Stock Piston:  (PATO80)
	Notes:  Best Choice for Pistons (dome top).You can just deck
		the block by 2mm and make this block identical to the 
		post-85	block.

84.8-95, 22R/RE/REC:  (SBTO80LC)
	Bore:  92mm
	Stroke:  89mm
	Stock Piston:  (PATO80L)
	Notes:  Best Choice for Block.  Piston is Flat-top.  Block is
		2mm shorter than previous 22R.  This gives you a little
		bit more compression, but you need an adjustable cam
		gear to get cam timing right.

85-88, 22RTEC:  (NA)
	Bore:  92mm
	Stroke:  89mm
	Stock Piston:  (PATO80T)
	Notes:  Piston is dished. (?)

75-78.7, 20R: (CHVTO8)
	Intake Valve:  43mm x 8mm x 115.4mm (IVTO8)
	Exhaust Valve:  36mm x 8mm x 113.9mm (EVTO8)
	Notes:  Best Choice for Head.  Hemispherical combustion chamber.
	        Stock flows adequately for 6500 rpm.  
78.8-80, 20R: (CHVTO8L)
	Intake Valve:  43mm x 8mm x 115.4mm (IVTO8)
	Exhaust Valve:  36mm x 8mm x 113.9mm (EVTO8)
	Notes:  Hemispherical combustion chamber.  Mounts for power 
                steering and mechanical fuel pump.  Stock flows 
		adequately for 6500 rpm.

81-82.3, 22R: (CHVTO80)
	Intake Valve:  45mm x 8mm x 113.4mm (IVTO80)
	Exhaust Valve:  37mm x 8mm x 112.4mm (EVTO80)
	Notes: Swirl-type combustion chamber, poor intake ports.  Not
	       enough flow for more than 5500 rpm.

82.4-84, 22R: (CHVTO80L)
	Intake Valve:  45mm x 8mm x 113.4mm (IVTO80)
	Exhaust Valve:  37mm x 8mm x 112.4mm (EVTO80)
	Notes: Swirl-type combustion chamber

85-95, 22R/RE/REC: (CHVTO80LB)
	Intake Valve:  45mm x 8mm x 113.4mm (IVTO80)
	Exhaust Valve:  37mm x 8mm x 112.4mm (EVTO80)
	Notes:  Head is closed chamber.  Domed piston won't work here.
	        If racing rules require flat top pistons, use this

85-95, 22RTEC: (CHVTO80T)
	Intake Valve:  45mm x 8mm x 114mm (IVTO80T)
	Exhaust Valve:  37mm x 8mm x 113mm (EVTO80T)

General Notes:
	-20R and 22R Intake will not swap.
	-20R and 22R Exhaust will swap.
	-20R and 22R Cams are interchangeable.  Cam design never
	 changed from the early 20R to the present.
	-Note that the TRD "oversized" intake and exhaust valves
	 are only oversized if you're talking about a 20R!  They
	 are 44mm/37mm--actually 1mm _smaller_ than the 22R valves!
	-If the 20R can flow enough air for about 6500 rpm, this is
	 a 250 cfm theoretical maximum on a 20R block, 271 cfm
	 theoretical maximum on a 22R block.

Race Info:
	- Post '85 22R block
	- Pre '85 22R pistons
	- '75 20R head
	- '80-'84 22R intake valves
	- '75-'80 timing chain guides
	- post '85 timing chain

Dead Stock:
	20R, 2190cc displacement, 8.4:1 compression, 96 hp
	22R (Carb), 2367 cc disp, 9.0:1 compression, 100 hp
	22R (EFI), 2367 cc disp, 9.4:1 compression, 116 hp

Wiseco Forged Pistons:
	Dome Top Available in 89mm, 90mm, 92mm, and 92.5mm
		-24.7cc Dome Volume, 38.94mm Comp. Height
	Flat Top Available in 94mm
		-34.90mm Comp. Height
	All have identical wrist pins and circlips.  Kits include
	pistons, rings, wrist pins, and circlips.  TRD's "10.5:1"
	piston was the 92.5mm Wiseco (no indication whether it
	was 10.5:1 with a 20R or a 22R head, but I'm betting it
	was a 20R.)

Carb Info:
	Carb                    Flow
	Stock 20R Aisan         190 cfm
	Stock 22R Aisan         326 cfm
	Weber 32/36             325 cfm
	Weber Dual 38           390 cfm (Downdraft)
	Weber Dual 40           405 cfm (Downdraft)
	Dual Mikuni 40 PHH	724 cfm (181 cfm per tube)
	Dual Mikuni 44 PHH	844 cfm (211 cfm per tube)

CAP/American Cams (Regrinds):
(Cam lift listed; multiply by 1.44 to get valve lift.)
	Grind   Dur	Lift	AUC
	O-65	280	.322	.250
	O-77	306	.300	.255
	O-78	316	.302	.265
	O-91	280	.345	.268
	O-71	300	.341	.284
	O-92	290	.365	.294
	O-94	304	.357	.301
	D-23	300	.370	.308
	D-350	320	.350	.311
	O-68	330	.340	.311
	O-93	296	.385	.317
	O-74	330	.362	.332
	D-29	306	.400	.340
	D-420	306	.420	.357
	D-22	320	.420	.373


Outer Valve Springs	Beck-Arnley	023-0268	8	each	$3.45 		$27.60 
		$2.21 		$17.68 
Inner Valve Springs	Iskendarian	626		1	set	$36.00 		$36.00 
		$19.80 		$19.80 
Header			Doug Thorley 	128-542Y-S	1	each	$327.00 	$327.00 
	$224.25 	$224.25 
10.5:1 pistons, w/rings	Wiseco 		K509P925	1	set	$439.67 	$439.67 
Reground Camshaft	CAP/American Cam		1	each	$100.00 	$100.00 
	$70.00 		$70.00 
New Distributor/Recurvd	Beck-Arnley/CAP	179-0229	1	each	$51.00 		$51.00
$31.33 		$31.33 
Master Rebuild Kit*	Sealed Power	MKP-854A	1	kit	$375.00		$375.00 
$2,706.19 			$2,173.45 
*Master Rebuild Kit Includes:
	Main Bearings
	Thrust Bearings
	Rod Bearings
	Freeze Plugs
	Timing Chain Set
	Oil Pump Set
        Piston Rings

Various info, including racing notes...

	- Post '85 22R block
	- Pre '85 22R pistons
	- '75 20R head
	- '80-'84 22R intake valves
	- '75-'80 timing chain guides
	- post '85 timing chain
	- take a hundred thousandths off the head
	- use 92 octane and up fuel

Adjust timing until it spark knocks and then back down until it stops.  
With this combination you have to drill out the water jackets in the 
center of intake side of head to use 22R carb. intake and it helps to 
port the intake chamber to match the intake.   The addition of 280. 441. 
cam and header with 44mm or even better 48mm side drafts will make a mean 
street and strip car.  For pulling or autocross use the stock cam.  For 
autocross, 4:10 or 4:11 gears work well.  For strip and street, 4:30 
gears are nice.  I have seen this combination make 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 seconds 
difference in 1/8 mile strips.  Something else that adds horsepower is to 
cut the big ridge off the back of the flywheel."

You can cut down the cam stands and get more lift with stock cam.  Cut
it down about .005", then go more as necessary.

For circle track applications, run a 280 degree duration, .441" lift 
cam.  Dual valve springs are better if you're going to run consistently
over 6000 rpm.  Be sure not to run too much spring seat pressure--you
can break the tip of the valve off, dropping the valve into the cylinder.
Roughly 130 lbs seat pressure is a good figure.  Avoid too much lift!
Most circle tracks require flat top pistons.  In this case, you should
run the late model 22R head, not the early one, to take advantage of the
flat combustion chamber.

Use the old style timing chain kit (81-82.3) because they use the metal
guides rather than the later ones which use carbon fiber.


Let me try to clarify just a bit.  The 22R engine comes with flat top 
pistons and the bottom of the head is flat also.  The 20R engine has dome 
shaped pistons and the 20R head is designed to accommodate the dome 
shaped pistons. If you change just the head to a 20R on a  post 85 22R  
motor you will have  flat pistons with a head designed for dome shaped 
pistons.  This leaves you with an engine with LESS compression than you 
had before.  To get the maximum benefit from this modification, you must 
also change to dome top pistons.  In this case, you have a 22R block, 20R 
pistons, and a 20R head which does give you more compression and 
horsepower than the 22R motor.  By just changing the head and nothing 
else, you would actually be worse off than you were to begin with.  
Actually, the 20R head is the best flowing head that Toyota has made.  To 
get extremely specific, the 75 20R head is the best.  (according to TRD 
and the late Toy Store).  There is a factory stamp on the inside of the 
front water jacket on these motors.  Unfortunately, they and EXTREMELY 
difficult to find.  



Domed pistons (Ok for pre 84.8 2xR engine):  24.7cc
Flattop pistons (Use on post 84.7 22R engine):  0cc (duh!)

Using this and the info Bryan posted (plus the head gasket compressed
height) you can figure out exactly what compression ratio you are going
to be running with these pistons.  Here's the formula:

CR = ---------

        C is combustion chamber volume
        P is piston dome volume
        G is head gasket volume
        D is deck height volume
        V is cylinder swept volume
        (all in cc's)

Here are some more equations:

D = (d/2)^2 x 51.48 x h

        d is cylinder diameter (inches)
        h is deck height (inches)

Pardon the US terms--these are from the SA Design book Engine Blueprinting
by Rick Voegelin.  I recommend it highly (check out
www.cyberauto.com/cartech for more fine SA Design books and prices!)
Deck height is the distance from the deck of the block down to the top
of the piston at TDC.  Obviously, this is a negative number if the top
of the piston comes above the block deck.  Also, we aren't talking about
the dome, but rather the top of the piston which doesn't include the


G = (d/2)^2 x 51.48 x t

        d is gasket hole diameter (inches)
        t is compressed gasket thickness (inches)

You can figure out the rest.  Using this, you can come up with the 
_EXACT_ compression ratio you are running.  (Not a guesstimate.)  

I've just begun to understand Weber, and thought I'd pass on the info I
have so everyone else could avoid wandering in the dark the way I've
done for the last 2-3 years on this subject.  As I mentioned before, 
there is an East Coast Weber and a West Coast Weber.  West Coast Weber
is AEM.  I've worked with Keith there at AEM for quite a while, and he's
an easy guy to talk with.  Keith can tell you carb jettings off the top
of his head, and you can get some really good info from him, although he's
kind of hard to pin down on anything.  Quite expensive, however.  I
bought my 38DGES Weber for the race car from AEM way back before I went
into the parts business (about 2 years ago, maybe a little more), and I
paid over $400 for it then, which is still high by todays standards.

The East coast Weber distributor eluded me until today.  Stuart suggested
that I call a place called Interco for info on buying Weber's wholesale.
Well, I called them, and when I got home tonight, my big supplier in
Miami sent me the first Weber catalog I have ever seen!  I've been begging
for a Weber catalog for over 2 years from AEM (and others) and was promised
that no such thing existed.  Well, I have one in my hot little hands, and
it is a "Interco-Weber" catalog.  Hello!  Interco is the East Coast Weber

While Interco seems cheaper, their kits seem very unimaginative,
especially for the Toyota's.  If you call AEM and want to put a set of
sidedrafts on a 22R, they'll give you the info faster than you can write
it down, and will give you a selection of 2 or 3 different manifolds 
that you can choose from, with various lengths.  You can get the el cheapo
linkage, or you can get their upgraded aircraft stainless linkage for
even more (that's what I got for the truck.)  Interco may be able to
do all of this, but their catalog doesn't indicate that they can, and
neither did the sales rep that I talked with.

Ok, well write down this info 'cause you're not going to get it anywhere
else!  Here are the Interco-Weber kit numbers for some common Toyotas.
Unfortunately, while you can hardly _force_ AEM to sell you a 32/36 for
any engine over 2 liters, Interco only sells 32/36's for the 2xRs and
3T motors.  Anyhow, in case you're interested:

K744:  32/36 DGEV kit for
        8RC  Celica's, Corona's, Pickups
        18RC Celica's, Corona's, Pickups

K752C:  32/36 DGEV kit for
        20R  Celica's, Corona's, Pickups

K748C:  32/36 DGEV-IC kit for 
        22R  Celica's, Corona's, Pickups

K663C:  32/36 DGEV-IC kit for 
        71-74 2TC Corollas

K741C:  32/36 DGEV-IC kit for 
        75-79 2TC Corollas & 3TC Corollas

K751:   32 DGEV kit for
        4ALC Corollas
        1AC Corollas
        3AC Corollas

Now what do all of those silly Weber acronyms mean?

        2 barrel downdraft, progressive

        1 barrel downdraft

        2 barrel downdraft, synchronous

        2 or 3 barrel downdraft, synchronous

        2 barrel sidedraft, synchronous

In general, for that long list of DG and DF carburetors, the type of 
choke is listed by either an A for water (Agua!), E for electric, or
neither for manual.


For 1975 and up 20R's and non EFI 22R's:

Intake Duration-	272 degrees
Exhaust Duration-	248 degrees
Intake Lift-		10.1 mm
Exhaust Lift-	9.7 mm

For EFI 22R's:

Intake Duration-	248 degrees
Exhaust Duration-	280 degrees
Intake Lift-		10.0 mm
Exhaust Lift-	9.7 mm

*** Got all that memorized yet?

- Brian


Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 20:43:53 -0500
From: Jack Alford 
Subject: Oil Pressure Sender
To: toy4x4@tlca.org

Michael Henry  wrote:

>block.  I picked up an '85 sender yesterday but it is the same size as 
>the one which I pulled out of the 84.  So, my question is, what is the 
>deal here?  Did the parts store give me the wrong sender or do I have an 

Toyota made the engine change in 8/84, so, if the parts store guy didn't
ask you what month/year engine you had from the desciption of your problem
I'd guess that he gave you the post 8/84 part which would be the same
as the 85 part.

 - jack


Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 20:57:10 -0700
From: James Brink 
Subject: Help! My '86 4Runner died!
To: Toy4x4@tlca.org

> I thought the Toy engine was NON-interference...Chain breaks and no valve
> damage.  Is this wrong?

The timing-chain equipped engines are interference engines, as are the
5VZ-FE (3.4L OHC V6) motors. The 3VZ-FE (3.0L V6) are non-interference.
Most other Toyota motors are non-interference such as the 2S-FE and
3S-FE (Camry/Celica), 3E-E (Tercel/Paseo), etc.
- -- 
Jim Brink				1986 Standard Bed 4X4/22R
Toyota/ASE Certified Technician		135,000 Miles
brinkjm@earthlink.net			32" BFG All-Terrain T/As
					Stock 4.10 gears
					Rear Lock-Right (TRD)


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